Camaleon  Bassoon Ensemble

Founded in 2011,  the Camaleon  Bassoons is composed by members of the bassoon section of Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra: Filipe Castro,  Francisco Formiga, José Arion Linarez, Romeu Rabelo and Alexandre Silvério.

One of its characteristics is to gather musicians from different schools — Italian, Brazilian, North-American and German —, which adds up to further enrichment of the groups' identity.

Since its inception, the Camaleon Bassoons aims to spread the sound of the bassoon, seeking a sound marked by a repertoire  innovative and creative. His repertoire includes original works for this formation, ranging from the baroque to contemporary composers, as well as innovative arrangements and transcriptions.



Allan Stephenson:   Divertimento

Astor Piazzola :  Tango (arr.Romeu Rabelo)

Astor Piazzola :   3 Tangos

Charlie Parker: Donna Lee (arr.Alexandre Silvério)

Duke Ellington: In a Sentimental Mood (Arr.Alexandre Silvério)

Duke Ellington: Take the A Train (arr. Alexandre Silvério)

Francisco Mignone: Quatro Miniaturas

George Gershwin: 36 Song (arr. Romeu Rabelo)

Hermeto Paschoal: Chorinho pra Ele (arr.Alexandre Silvério)

Heitor Villa Lobos: Choro 5 (arr. Romeu Rabelo)

Johann Sebastian Bach: Prelude e Fugue (arr. Romeu Rabelo)

John Coltrane: Naima (Arr.Alexandre Silvério)

Leonard Bernstein: West Side History ( arr. Washington Vitalino)

Manuel de Falla:  4 Piezas espanolas ( arr.Romeu Rabelo)

Michel Correte: Concerto Le Phoenix

Paul Desmond: Take Five  ( Arr.Alexandre Silvério)

Richard Rodgers: My Favorite Things (arr. Alexandre Silvério)

Sergei Prokofiev: Scherzo Humoristique

Pixinguinha: Carinhoso ( Arr. Antonio Bruno)

Tom Jobim: Samba de Orfeu ( Arr. Romeu Rabelo)



Alexandre Silvério


Francisco Formiga


Romeu Rabelo


Jose Arion Linarez


Filipe Castro


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