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Alexandre Silvério setup:

Bassoon, Reeds and Mics

Alexandre is a proud endorser of "J.PÜCHNER BASSOONS"


Püchner - Model Superior - 2018

Bocal: Püchner BC1

Case: MB Case

Canes: Danzi 

Reed Shaper: Thunemann

Reed Tools: Rieger


With Gerard Püchner / Sala São Paulo, October 2018


Mic 1: RE 20, by ELECTRO VOICE

Mic 2: 4099U, by DPA

Mixer: YAMAHA  MG06X 4channels

Amplifier: VOX T 60

Pedal 1: Super Shifter - BOSS

Pedal 2: Digital Delay - BOSS

Pedal 3: Pedalboard GT 10 - BOSS

Pedal 4: Line 6 Delay

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