Mágoas de Fagote - MP3 Download

Mágoas de Fagote - MP3 Download

  • Mágoas de Fagote - Mp3

    MP3 AUDIO CD  "Mágoas de Fagote". When you buy, I'll send to your email a link to download it.

    Album Notes: Recorded in 2008. This is the first release from the brazilian bassoonist Alexandre Silvério. Alexandre Silvério-Bassoon Eber Miranda-Trombone Tom Santana-Guitar Igor Pimenta-Bass Julio Hammerle-Drums Note: This is NOT a physical product, no matter whether you enter shipping information due to paypal's user interface or not, there is no physical product to ship. All files are contained in a single (and LARGE -) zip file which you will need to download to a computer with a good internet connection and then sync with your mobile device.

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