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Photo Gallery: Friends & Gigs

With Friends

Eber Miranda, Julio Hammerle, Tom Santana and Neymar Dias

com Klaus Thunemann

with my Idol, the Great Klaus Thunemann, during a music festival in Santander, Spain

Alexandre. Formiga and the Choro Master Altamiro Carrilho

With  Stefan Schweigert

With Stefan Schweigert in a Tour with Berlin Philharmonic. Luzern, 2003

Jazz Performance in Bern, Switzerland

with SP Big Band

with maestro Giancarlo Guerrero, after recording Mignone Bassoon Concertino, August 2022

Bassoon Masterclass in Cordoba, Argentina October, 2019

With Chris Potter

With the Incredible Chris Potter at Smalls Jazz Club, NY

Flyer at the street in Ingelheim, Germany, May 2023

Jazz Concert in Beijing DDC Club, China

with Paul Hanson and Mike Rabinowitz

with Paul Hanson and Mike Rabinowitz at IDRS 2014 Conference - New York City SubCulture

Playing with my brother Gordo

Playing with my brother Marcelos (the "Gordus"

With Olga Kui

With Olga Kui

Cordoba - bassoon

With students at the Jazz Bassoon Masterclass in Córdoba, Argentina - 2019

Fagot Cordoba

with Gonzalo Brusco, Fabian Contreras and Fábio Cury at Encuentro de Fagotes en Córdoba - Argentina / October 2019


with the "Tom Jobim Orchestra"and Maestro Roberto Sion

Concert In New York

Concert at America's Society, NY - July 2010 with Neimar Dias, Edu Guarinon and Tom Santana

Smalls Jazz Club, New York

Smalls Jazz Club, New York


with Igor Pimenta and Daniel Grajew at a Music & Bike Event (Ciclovia Musical)


Recording session with Zé Pitoco, Nailor "Proveta"and Toninho Carrasqueira


Camaleon Bassoons with the amazing Afonso Venturieri

With Jessica Nelson and Daniel Souza

With Jessica Nelson and Daniel Souza in a IDRS Conference, 2010 - Oklahoma


JazzB Club, in São Paulo Brazil - with Daniel Grajew, Edu Nali and Igor Pimenta

Alexandre Silvério Group

Alexandre Silvério Group In Oklahoma City - USA June 2010

Rehearsing at my Job


With Mr. Eber "Landbone"and Tom

With Mr. Eber "Landbone"and Tom Santana at "Jazz Nos Fundos"

All of Jazz

All of Jazz Club


with Leyla Zamora, David Wells, Janet Grice and Nicolasa Kuster at MQVC - Los Angeles, USA, 2015

Birdland / New York

With the Jazz Guitar Legend (and my hero) Pat Martino - Birdland / New York

Museu da Casa Brasileira

With Edu Guarinon, Martin Lazarov and Igor Pimenta - Museu da Casa Brasileira

With Neymar Dias and Tom Santana

With Neymar Dias and Tom Santana - at "Madeleine Bar"

With Yu-Lai in Los Angeles

Bassoon Recital at MQVC Los Angeles, 2015 With Yu-Lai on Piano

with Heinz Holliger

with Heinz Holliger

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