Alexandre Silvério - Bassoonist
Alexandre Silvério - Bassoonist

Welcome to the Alexandre Silvério's Website!

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Entre Mundos CD
Entre Mundos CD

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Alexandre Silvério - Bassoonist
Alexandre Silvério - Bassoonist

Welcome to the Alexandre Silvério's Website!


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Recent update: May 18h, 2021

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The "Camaleon Bassoons Live!" Project


Recently, my bassoon ensemble, the "Camaleon Bassoons" won a music competition in Brazil, and the prize is a sponsorship to record a CD and make a live stream series of 7 concerts throughout social media, like Facebook, Youtube, etc...All of that is being sponsored by PROAC and São Paulo's State Government. 

On October 18th, we did our first Live Streaming.

In the next months, we will be keeping doing more of these Live series.

Now, after months of hard work rehearsing and reviewing the scores, we are going to the recording session.

The CD release is going to be in September 2021.

I will keep you guys updated about it on the Camaleon Bassoon Facebook Fanpage and here on my website.

Stay Tuned!

No more waiting.

The new book is now available!

After months of hard work, The Blues Scales - A Guide to Practice and Improvise is now available. With several examples and practical exercises to explore the use of the blues scale and to develop essential concepts of jazz improvisation at the same time, I wrote this book because it outlines precisely how I’ve worked on this area of my playing for over 25 years. 

Enjoy it!


I'm very proud to announce that since 2018 I have the pleasure to be a "Püchner Artist".


My debut with this amazing instrument was in the II International Double Reed Conference of the ABPD. I played Vivaldi e minor's concert, Poulenc Trio, and a Jazz concert with jazz combo.


The only thing I can say is that it makes so much fun to play with Püchner. I'm really happy with my new bassoon, and I recommend it for everyone that is looking for an instrument with a robust and powerful sound.


Vielen Danke, Püchner!

Unindo uma performance cheia de energia com seu talento nato, Alexandre Silvério - Bassoonist é um(a) Musicista influente. Desde o começo da carreira em 1993 ele(a) tem encantado os fãs com sua identidade musical.

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