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BaGuiDoo - New Single is Available!

Perhaps you're thinking, "What the heck is BaGuiDoo?"
The initials stand for "Bassoon Guitar Duo."
We just returned from a tour of Europe and have put out two new songs for your listening pleasure. Enjoy it right now by checking it out!

The Blues Book

After months of hard work, "The Blues Scales - A Guide to Practice and Improvise" is now available.

With several examples and practical exercises to explore the use of the blues scale
 and to develop essential concepts of jazz improvisation at the same time, I wrote this book because it outlines precisely how I’ve worked on this area of my playing for over 25 years. 

Enjoy it!

Blues (Story do Instagram) (2).jpg

Camaleon Bassoons CD "Movimento"

Recorded during the pandemic, Movimento is the first CD by Camaleon Fagotes.
It features a new composition by Brazilian composer André Mehmari, pieces from Villa Lobos, Andrew List, and jazz arrangements of Take Five and more!

New Cd is available!_edited.jpg

Püchner Artist

I am thrilled to share that I have been a proud "Püchner Artist" since 2018. I had the pleasure of performing with this amazing instrument at the II International Double Reed Conference of the ABPD, where I played Vivaldi's e minor concert, Poulenc Trio, and a Jazz concert with a jazz combo. Playing with Püchner is incredibly enjoyable, and I am delighted with my new bassoon. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an instrument with a strong and powerful sound.

Vielen Danke, Püchner!


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