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"Three Bassoons in the Wild" Jam

Last year I was invited by bassoonist Michael Rabinowitz to go to New York City to perform with him in an event of the International Double Reed Society (2014, IDRS 43rd Conference). He also invited the californian Paul Hanson, who I only knew from his Youtube videos. Well, of course I accepted the invitation! Where else would I play with 2 other amazing jazz bassoon players?

The group was called "Three Bassoons in the Wild", and we played 2 arrangements / compositions of each one of us. On the show, we had a quick sound check (a little bit more than an hour), to get to know the repertoire. Mike wrote a gourgeous arrangement for the jazz standard "When I Fall in Love", Paul Hanson brought a composition with complex chord changes called "In the Out of Crowd". During the show, we also played two songs of mine: "Gordus Power" and "Meu fagote chorou". All this stuff we arranged for three bassoons and rhythm section!

For me it was an unforgettable experience.

I notice Mike's experience as Mingus Orchestra's musician and he's also a great band leader.

And Paul, without any doubt, he is an incredible and virtuous bassoon player and also an amazing person. There's a Youtube video recorded by someone from the audience. Check out:

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